About Us

What is Volunteer Abbotsford?

Volunteer Abbotsford is a Not for Profit Society that evolved from the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and a Spirit of BC Initiative. The Society is overseen by a volunteer elected Board of Directors who coordinate supplying volunteers to various community events.

Volunteer Abbotsford has an ongoing contract with the Abbotsford Centre to provide volunteer hosts for the variety of events and shows throughout the year. The Volunteer Abbotsford Society is sponsored by First West Credit Union (Envision Credit Union) and along with the funds donated, Volunteer Abbotsford gives back to the community with not only their time but a large portion of their funds to the “Full Cupboard” program through the Abbotsford Food Bank.

Where can you find Volunteer Abbotsford Volunteers?

Volunteer Abbotsford volunteers can be found throughout our community at clean up days, running booths at Agri Fair, various positions for the Canada Day celebrations and helping at charity fundraisers. Most often you will find Volunteer Abbotsford volunteers at the Abbotsford Centre as the hosts who welcome you with a smile and friendly “How you doing”.